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System/Edition of Game: Free Form, Collaborative Plot.
Number of Players Needed: 3 or more
Classes of Characters Required/Allowed: Monarchy or Rebel at the moment, but you can give your own spin to it.
Campaign Setting: Exodos: Earth-like planet
Rulebooks Needed to Play: Read all of that.
Date of Commencement: Will fit your character to the plot in process.
Time/Day of Game Sessions: We fit your schedule as much as possible.
Timezone: -6 GMT
Frequency of Game Sessions: Usually weekly.
Length of Each Game Session: Average: 2+ hrs, can change.
Expected Duration of Campaign: Indefinite.
Game Master's Description of Campaign/Adventure: Exodos is a planet where civil war is raging currently. Rebels and Monarchs (there are other possibilities) are trying to bring stability back to after having to escape due to political and social chaos. We add to the plot as we go and we follow a general outline, as long as you use common sense for your character [see link below for more info] you can be whatever you desire. We currently have two Gms, I am the primary one since I created the game. We're always looking for players who will stick with us for a while, check out our page: E-mail me if interested :]
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Posted 7/11/2009