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System/Edition of Game: Rats V1.0 with "Patches"
Number of Players Needed: 1-4
Classes of Characters Required/Allowed: Whatever you'd like, I'll tell you about what's avaiable
Campaign Setting: The "Castle of Rats"
Rulebooks Needed to Play: none
Date of Commencement: -
Time/Day of Game Sessions: When all of us can :)
Timezone: +1 GMT
Frequency of Game Sessions: look into description
Length of Each Game Session: Will varify
Expected Duration of Campaign: 7-10 Months
Game Master's Description of Campaign/Adventure: Rats is a German role playing game system released by "Kopfkino" for free. If you participate, you'll play a rat in the "Castle of Rats" - more I won't tell before you contact me. ;3 - Irc nick: Pinpoom
To join up, email the Game Master here:

Posted 8/11/2009