How to Roll Dice with the Alternity Roller

The general form for dice rolls is:

roll {sets[#]}{dice}[d][sides]{ +,-,* }{...} {'skill' [value]} {description}

The parameters in { } brackets are optional. Specifying "sets" indicates that you want to roll multiple groups of dice and get the results of each group displayed separately. You must follow the number of sets with a pound sign. The "dice" parameter indicates how many dice you want to roll in a group, and defaults to 1 if you do not specify a value. The "sides" parameter indicates how many sides are on the dice you want to roll. If the first d20 rolled in any dice group comes up on a 20 before modification, a "Critical Failure" message is indicated in the output.

Example 1

<Player> roll d6

*Dicebot --> Player rolls a d6 and gets 5.

<Player> roll 2#d6

*Dicebot --> Player rolls 2#d6 and gets 2, 6.

<Player> roll 3 2d6

*Dicebot --> Player rolls 3#2d6 and gets 4, 10, 8.

<Player> roll 2#d20+1

*Dicebot --> Player rolls 2#d20+1 and gets 12, 21 with a Critical Failure.

You can use the symbols +, -, and * to apply arithmetic operations to dice commands. The operands can be constants or more dice groups. The operations are performed left to right, and apply only to the dice group which they follow:

Example 2

<Player> roll d20+5-d4*2

This causes the following to happen in this order:

You may specify a skill value following the dice commands which you are rolling against. Doing so causes a success message to be output as part of the results:

Example 3

<Player> roll d20-d4 skill 8

*Dicebot --> Player rolls a d20-d4 against 8 and gets 8 for an Ordinary Success.

Finally, you may specify an optional description following the dice commands, which will be echoed in the output:


<Player> roll d20+3 attempting to slash an orc

*Dicebot --> Player rolls a d20+3 attempting to slash an orc and gets 12.

Sending Dice Rolls Privately

If you want to send the results of a roll privately to someone, the syntax is:

/msg [theBot] sendroll [SoandSo] [dice commands] {description}

where the suggestively named words inside brackets are replaced with the actual information they allude to.


/msg dicebot sendroll theGM 1d20+4 trying to psionically explode a monkey

Here "dicebot" is the dicebot's nick, and "theGM" is the person you want to send the roll to.